Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Mishaps

Last Monday night I decided to borrow Steak's car in a panic. Steak was flying home from Illinois and I had stupidly signed up for a Dhoonya dance class (@ Saffron Dance) at 6:30pm. I thought I would have time to come home after work, change into my workout clothes and then walk over to the studio. Unfortunately I didn't make it home until 6:15, so needless to say I was running a little late. I'm already a nervous driver, but I'm worse when I'm in a hurry. I must have nipped the curb on the way into the dance studio's parking lot because when I got out of the car I heard a hissing sound. I wasn't sure at that point if the tire was going flat, so I headed into my hour long class. When I got back to the car the tire was completely flat. I had taken the spare keys for the car, since Steak had his in Illinois, and I hadn't realized that the car remote had died. When I tried to use the physical key to enter the car manually the alarm went off and it wouldn't stop! So I couldn't even get into the car to calm down and call AAA. Luckily, I was in walking distance from our apartment, so I headed home and waited until Steak got back.

Steak got to spend his first couple hours back in Virginia changing a tire. I read the directions and Steak did the hard labor and together we got the spare put on the car. Then on Tuesday after work we headed to Cosco where we had originally purchased the tires. They were nice and only charged us $1.05 to replace the tire. And while we waited we split a frozen yogurt fruit cup and Steak had a hot dog. A stressful mishap on my part quickly became a fun date night thanks to Steak's patience, humor and love of life. I love spending time with him, no matter what we're doing!

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  1. that definitely sounds stressful! But a very nice ending :)