Monday, May 2, 2011

No Steak Weekend

I went to work Friday in one of my summer shifts. I almost walked out of the house without a sweater but grabbed one at the last second. I had plans to enjoy what was supposed to be a gorgeous and warm evening at the outside seating of La Tasca in Clarendon. When I ran out of work to meet my girlfriends I caught a chill and wished I had worn something warmer. Friday night turned out to be overcast and chilly, but me and my two girlfriends made the best of it by enjoying tapas and sangria inside. On the way home I introduced them to the exotic Whitlow's rooftop, but it was too cold to grab a drink. I felt for the girls in their cute white summer tube tops.

Saturday was much nicer and particularly sunnier. I spent my morning at a Dhooyna dance class, an Indian Bhangra/Bollywood style dance hosted at Saffron Dance in Clarendon. I ducked into Whole Foods on the way home and was amazed to find a samplers feast: beer, cheese, ice cream, crackers and popcorn were all being offered to shoppers. There was even live music playing from the second floor dining area. When I got home my girlfriend, who happens to be Indian, came over and made the most delicious Indian curried chicken mango chutney pizza. It was to die for. I fixed up a salad and offered a pre-made angel food cake from Whole Foods with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. After a late lunch we ventured into Clarendon and ended up at Spider Kelly's to enjoy a bucket of Coronas and some delicious fried pickles. The bar quickly become packed with people. We gave up our table and met some new friends playing basketball and then transitioned to a very competitive game of darts. 

Sunday has been relatively quiet. It's been a bit rainy and cold all day. I got out of the house for a few hours to meet an old friend from Illinois for coffee, but have opted to stay inside otherwise. 

This concludes a wonderful weekend without Steak. As much fun as I've had I'm very excited to have him return today! I don't like to be separated for too long.

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