Monday, October 17, 2011

THE Engagement

Pre-engagement faces landed safely in Orlando.

The last two weeks have been absolutely surreal. Even though we've been dating for 4 years I was not expecting Steak's proposal. It is safe to say that although surprised, I am thrilled that Steak asked me to be his wife!

Friday, September 30th, we departed DC early in the morning and flew to Orlando, FL to run a 5k in Disney World with my parents, Steak's parents, and Sister CJ. When we arrived in Disney World Steak's parents were already there, but my family was arriving later in the day.

We checked into our resort (we were staying at Disney's Old Key West Resort with my parents and sister) and then headed over to Epcot to meet Steak's parents for lunch. Epcot was hosting their annual Food & Wine Festival and we were very much looking forward to some good eats.

Reliving last year's race when arriving at Epcot.

We made a detour at the Festival Center before meeting Steak's parents in World Showcase. We wanted to surprise them with Food & Wine gift cards to thank them for hosting us in San Diego over Labor Day weekend. Steak started to get nervous and I thought he was upset with me for taking too long at the Festival Center. I thought he was just anxious to meet up with his parents.

Ran into Keegan Gerhard at the Festival Welcome Center.

The Festival Center is located in Future World of Epcot and we were meeting Steak's parents at the Food & Wine festival located in the World Showcase portion of Epcot. To get to World Showcase you have to cross a beautiful bridge. When we were half-way across Steak said, "Let's stop right here for a minute." He pulled us under a tree in the shade. I just figured he wanted to cool off for a moment. It was hot that day!

Once in the shade Steak started discussing how much fun we had running the 1/2 marathon last year and how fun it will be to spend the weekend with our parents. And before I knew it he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand! Utter shock!

We spent the rest of the day celebrating with Steak's parents (French champagne and escargot were involved) and my parents and sister (this time with Chianti and cannoli). I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day!

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  1. I find Ian's shirt to be perfect for the occasion. LOVE LOVE LOVE.