Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New York City

On the bus early Saturday morning.

On Saturday, Steak and I took the Bolt Bus to NYC. We arrived midday, just in time to meet his Godmother in NYC's Diamond District. After purchasing our wedding rings, we had a full day to eat our way through the city and visit Brooklyn for the first time.

 Can't wait to wear this ring forever.

 Decadent brownie/cookie fudge sundae at our Marriott hotel.

 The Bubble Lounge

 Drinking champagne at the Bubble Lounge.

 Drinking wine from Rhone at the Tribeca Grill.

 My handsome date for the evening.

 Trying octopus for the first time.

Balloon animal at the PATH.

 We were fortunate enough to stay by the Freedom Tower.

 A beautiful fountain in Brooklyn.

 PB&J donut at Doughnut Plant.

Good night NYC.

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