Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in Review

Steak and I had a wonderful year! We started the year in one of our favorite DC restaurants, Brasserie Beck, not knowing that we'd soon be moving across the country. We promised ourselves more adventures, as we do every year, and toasted to travel. We set out on a spur of the moment ski trip in January, flew to Chicago in February to visit Steak's grandmother, and took a last minute trip to San Francisco for Steak's job interview. 

We made our big decision in March and spent the rest of the month saying goodbye to DC. Steak moved to San Francisco in April after a surprise birthday/going-away party. I moved to San Francisco in May after a visit from my mom, a trip to Albuquerque for Steak's cousin's wedding, a final dance performance and a going-away fete. Steak and I explored the city in June and surprised my sister for her birthday and flew to Alaska. We traveled to Napa in July for our one year wedding anniversary. We also had to take a last minute trip to Chicago to say goodbye to my grandmother. 

In August we welcomed many visitors, including my aunt & uncle & 3 cousins, my dad and my sister. We also took a quick trip to NYC to celebrate our friends' nuptials. We flew to Chicago in September for another friend's wedding and then flew to San Diego to celebrate Steak's brother's engagement and PCT completion. My mom visited San Francisco in September and, unfortunately, Steak's grandmother passed away, so he ended up flying to Chicago to say goodbye. 

In October we spent a weekend in Napa and in November we spent a weekend in Sonoma with an out-of-town friend. We spent Thanksgiving with my mom and sister in Chicago. We celebrated my birthday at The French Laundry and again in Las Vegas with my sister and friends. We traveled to Monterey Bay with friends to go whale-watching. And we finished the year in San Diego with Steak's parents and brothers. 

This year was full of surprises, but I am proud to say Steak and I are settled into our new home and are adjusting to Californian life. We are so looking forward to 2014 and all the adventure it promises. 

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